Skiller Hiscores Help
Requirements to be on the skiller highscores
  • Total level greater than 350 OR Total experience greater than 2 Million
  • Ranked on the Runescape Highscores
  • No combat levels (NOTE: Due to EoC making Constitution and Prayer non-combat for an extensive period of time they are allowed in the rankings but can be toggled off via settings)
Virtual Level: When this option is enabled the highscores calculates your total as if your levels went upto 126 rather than stopping at 99 or 120 in the case of some skills.

Prayer and Consitution:
  • Disallowed: Players with this stat are excluded from the rankings.
  • Subtracted: Players with this stat are included in the rankings but those levels are subtracted from overall totals and experience.
  • Allowed: Players with this stat are included with no subtractions.
My total experience/level is not the same as on the Runescape hiscores?

The Hiscores automatically subtracts any combat experience from your totals, which often results in a slight exp difference if you've gained any combat exp. Additionally if Prayer or Constitution is disabled they are subtracted/disallowed from your totals, aside the base experience and levels.

How do I get added to the Hiscores?

Providing you meet the requirements, just simply search your name and thats it!

How often does the Hiscores update?

The Hiscores currently updates roughly every 30 minutes.

If you encounter any bugs or have any other questions feel free to contact us via the link at the top of the page.