Welcome to Skillers Hub, home of the Skiller Highscores!

The skiller highscores is a highscore dedicated to skiller pure's on Runescape. Supporting level 3's and Prayer/Constitution skillers and also including virtual levels upto 126 for all skills, ranking customization and more!

Archaeology added


Archaeology has now been added to the highscores.

Update issue fix


Fixed the issue that was causing certain players to not be updated.

Prayer and Constitution changes


Prayer and Constitution modifiers have been updated to now be in-line with the current combat formula and in preparation for skill resets. Each modifier now supports 3 states, the two old ones which function exactly as before plus an additional setting. This allows you to exclude anyone with Prayer and Constitution from the rankings for a purely lvl 3 highscores.

  • Disallowed(NEW): Players with this stat are excluded from the rankings.
  • Subtracted: Players with this stat are included in the rankings but those levels are subtracted from overall totals and experience.
  • Allowed: Players with this stat are included with no subtractions.
Subtracted and Allowed function as the previous Off and On settings did.

Skillers Hub, Launched


Skillers Hub has been created to act as a new home for the Skiller highscores which was previously hosted on Hopefull (a skiller clan forum that is no longer active). For now the highscores remains much the same as before, aside from a graphical overhaul to match the website. Additionally a few other minor improvements have been made, that includes names automatically being added to the highscores when you search them (assuming they meet the requirements). No more waiting for a username to be added and approved!

In future we are hoping to add some awesome new features and functionality to the highscores, depending on interest and activity going onwards. We already have a bunch of awesome ideas however if you have any suggestions feel free to contact us!

Additionally we are also interested in expanding into skiller specific guides, tutorials and other tools on here in the future but for now the Highscores remains the primary focus.

If you love the skiller highscores, be sure tell your friends and spread the word!